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Milling Steel on DMG Mori HSC55 in Munich, DE

Comparison of cycle time and the surface quality.
Standard Spindle v. Air Turbine Spindles® - 50% time reduction

Test Parameters:
Linear Milling Depth: Row depth 2.0-0.13 RA
Material: 1.2344 Steel – HSC 30/70
Tool: Ball nose end mill R 2, 0.03mm/z

Cycle Times:
Standard DMG HSC 55 Spindle - 25,000 rpm
Advance: 1,500 mm/min = Cycle Time: 60 minutes

Air Turbine Spindles® 625HSK Spindle - 50,000 rpm
Advance: 3,000 mm/min = Cycle Time: 30 minutes.

View the images below to compare finish quality:

Observations on Surface Finish:
The quality at Ra 0,13mµ and precision were indistinguishable between the 25,000 rpm DMG HSC 55 spindle in the top Image and the Air Turbine Spindles® governed 50,000 rpm 625HSK in the bottom image.

Click Here to view Video of the cutting action at constant 50,000 rpm.
Click Here to view of the specifications of the 625 and double turbine 625X Series.

Any CNC becomes a high speed machine in minutes with Air Turbine Spindles®.

Load your Air Turbine Spindles® automatically from any CNC magazine in to your main spindle. Clean dry compressed air is induced through a clean airline, or an optional patented mounting block and collar, for seamless integration in your program. No manual hook up required unless preferred. Click Here to view video of autoloading.

1. Maintain constant high speed on the tool path at 25,000 to 90,000 rpm with power to 1.4hp (1kW) - You keep constant high rotational speed in angles and hard materials.

How? Air Turbine Spindles® patented governor increases airflow in the turbine in proportion to the load. Click Here to view 50 action videos.

2. Reliability, low vibration, low heat and no duty cycle for 24/7 milling.

Why? That’s because our direct drives have only 2 moving parts – our proprietary turbine and ceramic bearings, and the bearings are cooled by turbine airflow. No High frequency brushes, no gears to burn up, no control system. Click Here to view the product range.

Just connect to 90 psi / 6.2 Bar and high speed Air Turbine Spindles® and mill, drill and accelerate your feeds with no duty cycle. No control system or lubrication required.

Mr. Wolfgang Pfahler (wpfhahler@airturbinetools.com | Tel: + 49 171 651 3614) of Air Turbine Tools® is available to support our European clients. Thanks to DMG Mori for this comparison test at DMG Mori Seiki’s Geretstreid Showroom near Munich.
These air turbine spindle, air turbine tools, air turbine motors are all products of air turbine technology, inc. Designed to out perform the cnc spindle or cnc machine spindle with a revolutionary pneumatic motor, air turbine spindles are designed to work with chiron, dmg moro seiki, doosan, fadal, emco, haas, hardinge, hartford, hermle, hurco, hwacheon, kitagawa, makino, mazak, okuma, romi and many other cnc machines. Also compatible with brother, fanuc, haas, matrix and other drill-tap machines for cnc milling with our high speed precision pneumatic air spindles. Our air turbine motors are high speed, efficient, pneumatic motors. These pneumatic motors are designed for lathe, robot, machining, debarring, finishing, routing, drilling and milling, a very versatile fixture mount. We also manufacture air turbine hand tools that are engraving tools, finishing tools, grinders, pencil tools, routing tools and marking tools. Air Turbine manufactures hand tools, grinders, pencil tools, debarring tools, finishing tools, which are all low vibration tools, precision tools, and ergonomic tools. These tools are performance tools, low weight tools, with an air turbine motor. Air Turbine motors require no oil, have no gears or vanes, for reliability. Made in USA.
All prices in US Dollars, FOB., Boca Raton, Florida, USA. International local pricing will vary, depending on location, to include: shipping, freight, handling, customs and excise duties, local taxes and handling, currency exchange rates, etc. All specifications approximate.